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Dynamic Bosnia & Herzegovina Open

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In the first winner’s round, Ralf Souquet (GER) defeated Mats Schjetne (NOR) with 9:6 after having trailed 1:6 in the match.

The match started out as a nightmare for favoured player Souquet. He made a mistake in the first rack and then the balls did not roll to his liking anymore.

While Souquet struggled for every shot, Schjetne got on a roll and put rack after rack into his account, coming to a comfortable 6:1 lead over Souquet. Then, Schjetne took a time-out. “I changed my shaft in the time out break”, said Souquet, “I have two different shafts.

From tournament to tournament, one or the other plays and works a bit better for me.” Obviously,
the other shaft worked better for him today. He did not make any more mistakes and was able to gain a two rack lead over Schjetne, making the score 8:6 in his favour.

Then, Souquet had a bad outcome from his own break and tried a shot which did not work the way he wanted it to. He then played a bad safety shot. But Schjetne was obviously impressed by Souquet’s performance who managed to take 7 racks off him in a row with alternate break. Schjetne got a bad position and missed the next shot, giving “The Kaiser” the opportunity to take the rack and win the match 9:6.

Other notable results include Juan Carlos Exposito (ESP) defeating Nicolas Ottermann (GER) with a margin of 8:9. Nikos Ekonomopoulos (GRE) was successful in advancing to the next winner’s round over Balasz Miko (HUN) with 9:7. Two whitewashes could also be noted in the first winner’s round. Toni “The Tornado” Drago (MLT) crushed Faik Catibusic (BIH) 9:0 while Niels “The Terminator” Feijen (NED) handed a doughnut to his opponent, Balasz Koles (SVK).

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